Education for Tomorrow’s Innovation

Today’s vehicles have sophisticated diagnostic systems, so SRJC’s students are trained to diagnose and repair auto engines, electrical systems, accessories, transmissions, brakes, steering, and air-conditioning. Our Diesel program offers the skill-set needed to repair farm equipment, construction machinery, trucks, and buses. Meanwhile, students in our Machine Tool program learn skills critical to manufacturing robotics, aircraft, electronics, and farm equipment. And our Welding shop prepares students for any industry where metal meets metal—from automobile racing to ship building, construction, refrigeration, and more.  



Auto Technology

Basic CNC Lathe

Basic CNC Mill

Basic Manual Machine Tool Technology

Brakes, Steering and Suspension Specialist

Diesel Technology

Diesel & Heavy Duty Engine

Diesel Chassis

Diesel Electrical/Electronics

Diesel Equipment Technology

Diesel Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling


Diesel Powertrain

Diesel Preventive Maintenance

Electric and Electronic Systems Specialist

Engine Repair Specialist

Heating and Air Conditioning System Specialist

Machine Tool Technology

Mechatronics & Electronic Technology

Powertrain Systems Performance & Electronics Specialist

Transmission Specialist


Woman looking at control panel

Experience in the Shop

Beyond being skilled educators, our faculty are experienced. Their years of work in auto dealerships, metal shops, and manufacturing hubs have equipped them the most crucial hard- and soft skills to pass on to their students. We’re so committed to real-world experience, all members of our four advisory boards are actively working in their industries.


In the Class, Under the Hood

We believe in real-life, get-your-hands-dirty learning. Learning by doing. Learning on the job. And, most importantly, learning from industry experts thanks to partnerships with Audi, Cummins, Caterpillar, Peterson, Subaru, and Toyota. Because tech changes so fast, we teach fundamental concepts and how to learn, exposing our students to emerging technologies including technology around hybrid-electric vehicles, fuel cells, autonomous vehicles, and proton batteries.


We also believe in giving our students the tools of the trade: Through our partnerships, our students also enjoy healthy discounts on Snap-On and Matco tools.


Get Connected

SRJC partners with local employers like Hansel Ford so we know the exact skills they want in employees. In fields like welding and automative tech, many students receive job offers before they’ve even completed their coursework. And with our national certifications, students are qualified for employment opportunities all over the country, from auto dealerships to repair facilities to manufacturing hubs all across the West Coast and beyond. 



Job Positions and Salaries

Entry-level positions in Advanced Tech offer monthly salaries in the following ranges:

Auto Mechanics

Setters, Operators, Tenders

Diesel Technician specializing in Engine Repairs

CNC Machine Tool Programmer

Extruding & Drawing Machine Setters, Operators, Tenders

Lathe and Turning Machine Tool Setters, Operators, Tenders


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Industrial & Trade Technology is an expanding field that keeps our country moving forward in more ways than one. If you’re ready to combine the hands-on aspects of machinery with the sophisticated realm of tech, sign up today.

Scholarships available.