Safety First

Every day, brave professionals work hard to save countless lives fighting crime, battling fires, and providing emergency medical care to citizens.

And every one of those professionals requires critical life-saving skills to be effective. Our Public Safety Training Center provides college-level classes to students interested in criminal justice, fire-protection technology, corrections, and emergency medical care, as well as in-service training for public safety professionals.



Administration of Justice Corrections

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Basic Arrhythmia Recognition Course

Basic Police Officer Academy

Children in the Justice System


Corrections Officer Basic Course

Emergency Medical Responder (first responder)

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT basic)


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT basic)

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT refresher)

Fire Technology

Firefighter Academy

Juvenile Counselor Basic Course Certificate

Modular Police Academy (part-time)

Probation Officer Basic Course

Public Safety Dispatcher Basic Course

Park Ranger Academy

Emergency response students practicing on dummy in field

The Best Training the Best

Our Public Safety programs are directed and taught by active paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement officers, rangers and correctional officers—many with decades of experience on the job, and several who graduated from the academies they now instruct.


Real-World Experiences

Students in SRJC’s Police Academy and Ranger Academy complete their training at our Public Safety Training Center in Windsor, where they have access to state-of-the-art facilities including a “Scenario Village,” simulated emergency room, fleets of emergency vehicles (fire engines, squad cars and ambulances), defensive tactics building, weight room, a 15-lane firing range, 10-acre driving track with skid pads, fire-training tower, burn room, vehicle fire prop, draft pit, and other cutting-edge equipment including highly sophisticated human-patient simulators.


Reporting for Duty

In the last five years, 100% of SRJC’s Public Safety alumni have been employed within six months. And California isn’t alone: Public Safety is a growth industry currently seeing a nationwide shortage in eligible workers; experts estimate 14-18% growth in the next ten years.

To meet those needs, our Police Academy Intensive is certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST); successful completion makes candidates eligible for employment as a police officer or deputy sheriff anywhere in California. The 17-week Park Ranger Academy prepares candidates to work as Law Enforcement Rangers for the National Park Service or at county and regional parks—the only such Academy in California. And EMS personnel receive in-service training and certification renewal credits in the areas of Emergency Vehicle Operations, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Life Support, and more.



Job Positions and Salaries

Entry-level positions in Public Safety offer monthly salaries in the following ranges:


Paramedics, EMT

Park Rangers, Fish and Game Wardens

Corrections Officers, Jailers, Prison Guards

Police Officers, Public Safety Officers, Deputy Sheriffs


(707) 836-8843

Law Enforcement In-Service Training
(707) 836-2912/2915

Basic Law Enforcement Academy
(707) 836-2907

Fire Technology
(707) 836-2908

Emergency Medical Care
(707) 836-2921

Park Ranger Academy
(707) 836-2909

Careers in Public Safety are among the most challenging—and the most vital—in every community.

If you’re ready to serve others in critical need, enroll today.

Scholarships available.